To be charged to innovate is to pioneer ideas and to be committed to the freedom that innovation brings.

Mecalc is a highly specialised engineering design house which enjoys pushing innovation ahead of the game. As a close-knit team, Mecalc team members strive to reflect integrity, excellence and innovation both in the company's products and corporate culture. Sold exclusively through our partner Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme, Mecalc designs, develops and manufactures advanced acquisition and control systems. Used to optimize noise, vibration and structural integrity in prototype or quality control testing, our PAK MKII hardware is crucial to markets like automotive or aerospace.

Mecalc strives to create an invigorating and creative environment where each member is an important team player.

Mecalc is motivated to exceed our customer’s expectations through rounded ideas, enthusiastic innovations and quality results. Based in Centurion South Africa, our team of around 60 people are all perfectionists with an exceptional work ethic who love a challenge.
An open environment with a flexible working structure leaves plenty of room for both personal and professional growth. At Mecalc it’s all about refining the big concept, being obsessed with the detail and achieving the perfect result.

Research and Development

We believe strongly that the bottom line should not influence the quality of our results. For this very reason, outsourcing is out and whatever operation we can bring in, is in – ours to control, stretch and learn from. Our state of the art electronic and mechanical manufacturing facility is constantly improved to keep up with the rapidly changing technology applied in our designs. World-class equipment includes an automatic stencil printer; 2 component placers each capable of placing 21,000 components per hour, a large Nitrogen capable reflow oven and for intensive quality control, an X-ray and automated optical inspection machine.

With a heritage dating back to 1989, the PAK MKII has maintained the same solid foundation since its inception. Today our single structured platform remains unchanged while improvements and continuous expansions are made to incorporate our on-going path breaking technology. Such stability can only be attributed to an exceptional design team that is not only able to master the tiniest detail, but also able to reinvent the big picture to keep the concept consistently relevant.


Single Structured Solution.

Rugged, Lightweight and Portable.

Investigate dynamic signals

The PAK MKII is a compact, highly integrated system for the measurement and output of precise, high speed analog and digital signals. Both standard and complex multi-channel tasks are addressed by the same modular platform which can be freely configured as small troubleshooting solutions or large, distributed systems. Due to our superiorly modular concept the system is expandable in part, benefiting Users through consistent improvements like higher dynamic ranges, higher sampling rates, finer performance balances, improved analog quality as well as lower noise and distortion.

The PAK MKII addresses:

Troubleshooting | Distributed systems | Mobile applications | High channel density applications | Test bench applications

Machined from aluminium, all 5 PAK MKII Mainframes are rugged, conduction cooled, lightweight and portable. Single Mainframes accommodate between 8 and 144 channels. For a limitless channel count, Mainframes can be synchronized and placed over 2km.

Modular Configuration

A wide range of parameters such as voltage, acceleration, pulse period, sound, strain, force, pressure or displacement can be simultaneously acquired whilst outputting analog voltages. Digital signals are also accommodated such as GPS, IRIG, CAN, FlexRay™ and EtherCAT®. All signal conditioning modules can be accommodated in any combination, in any Mainframe. Designed to be interchangeable, the perfect Module combination for a particular test can be easily achieved. Expansion within the same Mainframe is accommodated by replacing Module place savers (blank panels) with new Modules as the need arises.

Results of Quality

By having access to all required digital and analog parameters in one system, a high level of phase accuracy is achieved. Quality results are reiterated due to the PAK MKII’s advanced signal conditioning and digital circuitry, which provides high dynamic range with low noise performance and distortion. Apart from regular calibration, all input Modules are automatically calibrated upon start-up using an internal precision voltage reference, sampled at the current system temperature. For peace of mind, local storage is an optional feature which allows Users to retrieve data from an integrated SSD for independent analysis at a later stage.

PAK MKII Hardware

Application Overview

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Today, the now complete PAK system has grown to be a formidable competitor in the global measurement arena and is sold and supported across the world through a number of subsidiaries.

Part of the Müller-BBM group, Müller-BBM VAS has benefited from the group’s strong reputation in vibration and acoustics consulting. Focused on developing specialist engineering test bench software for analysis and management, Müller-BBM VAS initially used multiple hardware suppliers for data acquisition. 15 years ago, a common Munich based customer encouraged Mecalc and Müller-BBM to partner together.


Be Extraordinary.

What you do becomes who you are.

Supported to Succeed

At Mecalc we don’t believe in replacement. We believe in growth. To accommodate our extraordinary ideas we are constantly on the lookout for brilliant minds who will not only add value to our product, but fit our dynamic corporate culture. With a fantastic atmosphere conducive to creative thought, how can you not enjoy being part of this team.

Student Program

If you are still studying and would like holiday exposure, contact us. Mecalc is particularly interested in Honours, Masters and Cum Laude students who are searching for a challenging career opportunity upon leaving University.

Join a world-class team

From engineers to technicians, production personnel to marketing executives, Mecalc is an honest environment where partnership and growth is the aim.

If you enjoy being your own person while at the same time being part of a team which operates on the forefront of cutting edge global technology, then apply to work at Mecalc. Mecalc is constantly on the lookout for outstanding electronic, computer and mechanical engineers or technicians who believe that they have what it takes to be exceptional. Masters and Cum Laude graduates are particularly sought after.

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